Hope Community

  • We are part of the 24-7 Prayer Boiler Room Network and is committed to our core priorities and common values.
  • We are a community of people committed to seeking to shape our lives around the way of Jesus and to making a noticeable difference among the lives of the poor & lost.
  • We serve our city by responding to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community.
  • We value relationships and understand that together life is easier
  • We want to be a community that is welcoming to others, a community where we can learn together about Jesus, and grow together as people.
  • Our vision is the see communities of people functioning like a spiritual family. People who are learning to embody the reality of God working in their lives through shared practices centred on prayer, hospitality and learning.

Everyone is welcome at Hope Community. We are a family made up of all types of people from different walks of life and together we form community as the Hope family. In community we believe everyone has a role to play and we value the importance of team leadership. The team is led by Ross and Lucy Hill.

Hope Community began in 2009 with a group of ordinary local people meeting in a living room asking the question what would it look like to be an expression of the church in our city, Dublin today. Initially, we partnered with the Anchorage Project in Ringsend for 5 years, then in 2015 we joined the 24/7 prayer movement, and located ourselves in the Terenure / Churchtown area.

Our community aims to be centred on a rhythm of prayer whilst seeking to make a measurable difference amongst our local area.

Join us


We meet Sundays at 11am in the Crossroads Centre, we gather around tables as we share life, stories & food together, and learn to follow Jesus individually and communally through spiritual practices that includes prayer, eating, Bible reading and gathered worship.

Gather – What to expect:

  • Beginning with Tea & Coffee, we like to sit together around tables
  • Worship & prayer
  • We learn together by focusing on the Bible, often we have informal discussions as a way of responding to our personal learning.
  • We have amazing young kids in our community and we are passionate about how they can be included in the life of our community.


  • We love to pray together
  • What to expect – creativity is encouraged, be silent or loud
  • We meet for prayer at various times during the week. We also have a prayer space available.
  • We meet to pray for our city once a month.
  • We run activities & courses that help people understand what pray is and how to practice it.


  • We love to serve our city, helping to meet the needs of our neighbours.
  • We welcome anyone who has a desire to serve and help out in their local community.
  • We gather usually the 3rd Saturday of every month.
  • We join up with Serve the City (www.servethecity.ie) to serve our local community through various service projects and / or by spending time in our prayer room praying for the specific projects.


We partner and support local and global missions through